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A Family Photographer in Olathe, Kansas

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Hello! I am Dharmesh. I enjoy creating family photos that are timeless, natural, and fun. Most of my clients are within 15-20 miles of Olathe, KS.

Would you like to have your family photos before time flies faster than you realize? 

What about creating some timeless, natural, and fun pictures in an easy flowing and stress-free session?

One of the things I hear most parents say is

“My kids are growing too fast”.

As a loving dad of my 6 year old daughter and 2 year old son, trust me, I know exactly what you mean :).

At the same time I understand life is busy.

When I hear my wife talk about the zillion to-dos running across her mind I feel the stress.

Guess what? You as parents are doing the best you can.

Sometimes you have to slow down. Heck! Even pause for a moment to realize what is really important to you.

Imagine what you want to feel  years from now when you sit down near the fireplace with a cup of coffee (I’d have chai) reliving precious memories of your kids in those images.

Timeless, natural, and fun is what I would want you to tell each other about your pictures created by me.

When you decide to hire me to capture your family portraits, my main goal is to prepare you for your session the best I can.

Stress is usually caused by things you don’t know. My job is to tell you how to best prepare for your session. Right from suggestions on clothing, helping to pick a location if you don’t have one in mind, learning about your family in detail to help me plan the pictures for your personalities to shine through, and anything else about your session that is causing your head to spin.

To make it easier for you, scheduling is flexible.

Session times are for general guidance to help you plan your day around it. Kids are unpredictable, I understand. We will take as much time as everyone can handle, and as much as needed to create photos that will excite you.

Last but not the least, you will also get the IRON CLAD GUARANTEE.

Meaning, if you are not satisfied with your images, and you have not downloaded any of them, you will get 100% money back (session fee + package) + $5 Gift Card from a Coffee Shop.

Take it easy!


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The days go by with so many little things that don’t seem to matter until they’re no longer there and suddenly, they’re all that ever mattered.

-Brian Andreas

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