Are you the Master Chef of your family? You must be wondering am I on a portrait photography website or a cooking recipe website. I can assure you that you are on the correct website, my photography website. For few minutes I want you to wear the Master Chef hat and think about the time when you place an awesome, yummy dish on the dinner table. Your family is all excited with the presentation and the aroma of your freshly cooked meal. What your husband/wife and kids may not realize is the hours of effort you put in and the care you took in preparing your dish, so that when it is in front of them at the dinner table, they are just blown away by every bite.


Similarly, long before you see your finished portraits there are hours spent on creating your portraits and even more, while practicing & developing my art. Just like your special meal, your portrait session is special. It is created with utmost TLC. Once you book your session I will meet with you and your family at a location that is convenient to you so that you can help me understand your portrait needs. I will guide you through the process and tell you what to expect while taking your suggestions and ideas. Don’t worry, not all my clients are experienced and I understand that for some of you the whole thing can be overwhelming. I will guide you to ease your nerves.


For your convenience, my portrait sessions are on-location outdoors. If you have enough space in your home I can even setup a studio since all my equipment is movable. I normally have my sessions in the evenings (depending on the season) and weekends, which is when most of the families have free time. I like to be mobile and flexible so that you don’t have to hustle around. My business is a one-man show. That helps me to not only cut down delays in communication but also allows you to know me at a personal level a lot faster due to continuous interaction. I don’t overload myself by booking too many sessions. Typically I will do 4-5 sessions per week so that I keep the fun level up, which you will see when you work with me.

Once your session is done I select the best of the lot, retouch all the selected images, and provide you with a proofing gallery. As soon as you select your favorites I will make some final retouching. You will again get to see the final versions before I send them for printing. On an average, each 2 hour session involves 10-12 hours of “in the kitchen” sort of creative work so that you get awesome portraits.


All I want you to have is a “special and unique” experience with my portrait session. I understand the value of your photographs. My effort is to help you make a decision on who to hire (hopefully me :) )to create beautiful portraits of your family, kids, or newborn. I don’t blame you if you feel confused by so many choices available to you. Hence, my goal is to keep things simple and sweet by not offering complex package choices.


You may have realized by now that I am a people’s person. I like to interact personally or over the phone, but if you are short on time I can always help you via email. You will hear from me in a few hours in one way or the other.


Your emotions will have a new experience when you look at your beautiful images mounted on a white mat board as you see in the image on your right. I put a lot of emotional value in my work, which is why I ensure that your images are not only protected and last longer, but also offer flexibility in how you can display them in your home. Matted images offer quite a few benefits. Some of them are mentioned below

Since they are matted all you will need is a frame of your choice to display on your shelf or your wall

  • Matting offers separation between the glass and the photograph, which protects the image.

  • Your portrait will have it’s own unique space and presence.

  • Matted photos are ready to frame.

Depending on the package you select, your matted portraits will be delivered either in a boutique packaging or a folio box. I suggest a folio box because it is book style, which looks great when displayed on a shelf. Large size gallery wraps are also available. Oh!! and don’t forget the low-res digital images of your selected prints that are included with all my packages. You have to show them off to your friends and family.. Last but not the least.. would you ever serve anyone your uncooked meal? I wouldn’t either :)


Each package is designed to offer you maximum value. Additionally, there are no hidden costs, so what you see is what you pay plus taxes.

Family Session (2 locations) – $1,101 + tax

  • On-location session time.
  • 50-60 – high-res digital images with print rights.
  • 1- 24×36 Gallery wrap.
  • 1 minute slideshow of final images (number of images may vary).


Family Session (1 location) – $571 + tax

  • On-location session time.
  • 30-35 – high-res digital images with print rights.
  • 2 – 11×14 Gallery mats with 8×10 prints.
  • 30 seconds slideshow of final images (number of images may vary).


Headshots – $275 + tax

  • On-location session time.
  • 10-15 – high-res digital images with print rights.


A La Carte

(In addition to the package you can also choose from the following)


4 x 6


5 x 7


8 x 10


8 x 12


16 x 24


20 x 30


24 x 36


30 x 45


Gallery Mats

11×14 w/ 8×10 print


Gallery Wraps

8 x 10


16 x 24


20 x 30


24 x 36


Have questions? Call me or email me. Just want to say ‘Hello’? Still, call me or email me :)